Individual Investor Program (IIP)

Malta has launched a new citizenship program (Individual investor program; IIP)  in Europe  granting direct citizenship and passport to 1,800 foreign investors against social and economic investment in the country. It is the only citizenship-by-investment program which is sanctioned by the European Commission.

The EU citizenship fully grants the right to live and work in all 28 European member countries including Switzerland. Malta is a full EU member country and a signatory of the Schengen agreement.

Under the L.N. 450 of 2013 scheme the minimum investment starts complying with the options below

  • NDF non-refundable donation €650,000 to National Development Fund 
  • Buy a Real estate (optional – 350,000 euro if purchased) 
  • Purchase of Govt Bonds (150k euro held for 5 years). Additional costs apply including also for family members.

If you dont buy real estate, it is very important the you should rent a place to live € 16000 for 5 years (proving genuine ties to malta). Malta gives lifetime citizenship and the processing time is very fast, maximum 12-15 months.