Application Process

The whole application process will take about 4 months and about 12-15 months to receive the certificate of naturalization (citizenship). This certificate is a proof that you have become maltese citizen. Our lawyers will help you with full hand-holding process from start to finish.

Step 1: Pay a retainer fee of €10,000. This amount will be adjusted towards the payment of € 650,000 euro contribution.

Step 2: We will request initial documents in order and will do a due diligence check on you. If our lawyers are satisfactory complying with IIP requirements, we will start the application process with Malta Government and Identity Malta. If you fail the checks we will refund the initial fee. We do not accept clients who dont have 100% success rate.

Step 3:  Launch the citizenship application with Identity Malta under the investment scheme.

Step 4: After receiving “Letter of approval” from Identity Malta, you will have 4 months compliance time to remit the entire amount. €650,000 + €150,000 (bonds), plus arrange on leasing or buying a real estate. You also have to arrange for health insurance cover worth atleast €50,000.

Step 5: After about 12-15 months of the entire process, you will be issued certificate of naturalization (proof of citizenship) and using this certificate you can apply for Malta passport document.

You have to maintain real estate and bonds for 5 years without any interruptions, if not your citizenship will be revoked.